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The EHU achieves over 2 million for vulnerable consumers

In 2016/2017, the EHU investigated 6943 complaints, 89% of these were from domestic consumers and the remainder from micro-businesses.

Almost a third of cases were deemed ‘priorities’ where the EHU had to take urgent action to prevent disconnection or arrange reconnection of energy supplies. The top 3 issues consumers required help with were billing, debt/disconnection and metering.  The ‘Ask the Adviser’ service provided support to 1101 advice providers on energy related matters.

Over £2 million was achieved in financial redress which the EHU achieves through investigation and effective negotiation. The EHU staff have no powers to dictate outcomes to energy companies so this is testament to their continued efforts to ensure suppliers recognise their own failings and that any vulnerabilities affecting the consumer are fully considered. This includes physical or mental health problems and income/financial difficulties. 

Our Advice and Stakeholder team has been working hard to improve relationships with suppliers, particularly with new entrants to the market and ensuring that policies or practices impacting on vulnerable consumers are highlighted and changed. 

91% of consumers surveyed during this period were satisfied with the quality of service offered by the EHU.  

Felt like god had sent me an angel, I was helped by a lovely lad who listened to all my rantings. I felt he couldn't have been kinder. When you're ill and unable to do stuff for yourself it makes such a difference’.

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