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Dundee Social Policy Team taking action against payday lenders

The Dundee Bureau Social Policy Team (DSPT) is dedicated to maximising the awareness of the national Payday Loans Campaign locally.

The team - Kathleen Brown, Kamila Tokarska, and Fiona Wright – have carried out a range of activities to make sure people in Dundee know the score when it comes to payday loans. They have produced a briefing to heighten awareness and understanding of the problems Dundee CAB clients are facing with lenders using the statistics and evidence from the bureau.

As well as reporting on the problems, the team have taken to the streets to inform Dundee residents of the payday loan pitfalls, how to gain recourse if the lender acts unfairly, how to pay back sensibly, as well as safer means of borrowing. 

The team’s actions so far have included:

  • Holding stalls in the main shopping centres in Dundee and the Dundee Student Union.
  • They have turned their attention to a younger audience and are supporting a group of local pupils to research financial harm.
  • They have asked the Financial Inclusion Development Officer for Dundee Council for information to find out if any PDL company’s operate from Council properties in a bid to ensure that the council do not offer council accommodation to them in the future.

The next step in their campaign is to approach 12 payday loan companies in Dundee and ask to meet with them in order to discuss the importance of achieving best practice. We will keep you posted on any developments! You can read the team’s briefing by downloading it from the bottom of this page.

If your bureau would like to get involved in local action against the lenders, we can help! Check out the links below to see some more local examples, and find out how you can apply for a fast grant to support campaign work. 

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