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Cuts continue to hurt most vulnerable in Scotland

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has today warned that the spending review cuts will impact on the most vulnerable people in Scotland with the knock on effect of increased numbers needing advice in bureaux.

Matt Lancashire of Citizens Advice Scotland said “Our fear is that the people who will suffer the most from 7 billion pound cut from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) budget are those who are already suffering - the poor, the sick, the vulnerable. The test for the government will be whether they can manage this process without further harming the people who are already disadvantaged”

With personal debt and unemployment rising in Scotland, citizens advice bureaux have seen a significant increase in the numbers and issues that are coming through the doors in bureaux in every community in Scotland.

Lancashire added “Unemployment is still rising in Scotland and the announcement of the spending review cuts, such as, the slashing of DWP budget and huge jobs losses in the public sector will mean an increase in the number of people needing advice in bureaux on benefits, debt and employment issues. This will be a big challenge for the Scottish Citizens Advice bureaux network who already deal with a huge workload and are working beyond their capacity. Currently, Scottish bureaux deal with one issue for every single minute of the year and this rate is expected to increase due to these cuts”

Contact: Matt Lancashire 0131 550 1062