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Consumers must be central to the Climate Change Plan

The Consumer Futures Unit of Citizens Advice Scotland has today welcomed the vision for a low carbon Scotland contained within the Scottish Government’s third draft Climate Change Plan, but states that consumers must be at the heart of the proposals and policies if it is to be achieved.  

Fraser Stewart, the Consumer Futures Unit’s energy spokesperson, said:

“We welcome Scottish Ministers laying before parliament today the third draft Climate Change Plan, which clearly sets out the Scottish Government’s vision for Scotland’s transition to a low carbon society up to 2032.

“The progress on emission reductions to date has largely been due to changes in electricity generation. But as the Scottish Government have identified, to achieve further progress requires substantial behaviour change amongst consumers. This means that the impacts upon consumers must be central to proposals and policies. Consumers must be supported to make the necessary step-changes so they, and Scotland, are not left behind in the global transition to a low carbon society.

“Heat is a significant factor in carbon emissions. However, the uptake of renewable heat in Scotland has been slow, with projects tending to be small-scale, despite district heating technology being well understood. It is important that district heating is made more attractive to consumers with new rules to protect them in the heat market, and we welcome the Scottish Government’s intention to consult on this.

“To ensure further progress to reduce emissions is made the Scottish Parliament, and the Scottish Government, must ensure that the Climate Change Plan considers the needs of consumers.”