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Concern about SSE's energy price rises

The Consumer Futures Unit (CFU) of Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has responded to the news that SSE is to increase its electricity bills by 14.9% from the 28th of April.

CFU Energy spokesman Jamie Stewart said:

“With many energy customers still struggling to make ends meet due to high fuel bills, today’s announcement is concerning. SSE is one of the largest suppliers in Scotland, with the majority of its customers on the more expensive standard variable tariff.

“Given the electricity price rise is substantially higher than that of gas, these increases will have the greatest impact on SSE’s customers who are not connected to the mains gas grid. This is particularly concerning as  16% of Scottish households are off-gas  and fuel poverty rates are highest for households who use expensive electric heating.

“With many of the big suppliers increasing their standard variable tariffs it is essential that energy customers remember they are able to shop around to see who has the best deal on offer.  The Citizens Advice Service independent online price comparison tool can help people work out how to save money on their energy bills.”