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Citizens Advice Service contributes £166.2 million to economy

CAS has published a report commissioned from the respected Fraser of Allander Institute, into the economic benefits of the Citizens Advice Service in Scotland.

The report outlines that the Citizens Advice Service contribute a total benefit to the common good in Scotland of £166.2 million. This is a massive return on the investment of approximately £21 million which is currently spent running the Citizens Advice Service across Scotland. This contribution to the common good is through the following:

  • Client financial income of £63 million which leads to a further £27.4 million in wages and 1246 jobs supported by this income
  • Savings to the tax payer of £42.7million (£14.5m in health care costs, £12.9m in JSA savings, and £15.3m in homelessness prevention)
  • Contribution to economic growth of £19.5 million (as a result of clients not losing their job and remaining in productive employment)
  • Employment and wages supported by CAS/CAB as employers and purchasers of services and goods which support a total of 1092 jobs and £13.6m wages in Scotland.

The £63m figure is income gained direct for clients at the time of writing the report - it is not the full amount of client financial gain which includes debt and stands at £140 million. This is because the calculations are done on income that goes directly into the pockets and purses of people across Scotland who then spend that money in their local communities on goods and services.

The Fraser of Allander report points out that robust and conservative assumptions have been used throughout. In addition their calculations have only been able to be based on some adverse consequences that have been avoided and for only 80% of advice provided. Therefore the reports figures show a minimum estimate of the impact of CAB services and as the FAI state: “the overall impact of CAB advice is almost certainly greater than the figures shown”.

A short 90 second film Depend on Us which portrays the work of a CAB has also been  launched. You may be interested in reading the stories of the CAB clients and their advisers who feature in the film on a page dedicated to the film and the key findings of the Fraser of Allander report at:

Resources to highlight the economic benefits of the CAB service to your local Cllrs, officials and networks will be available later this week on the Bureaux zone of the CAS website.

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