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Citizens Advice Scotland welcomes Scottish Government funding for advice services

Citizens Advice Scotland has today welcomed news of £5.4million of Scottish Government funding for advice services to mitigate the impact of welfare changes. The Scottish CAB Service will benefit from a share of the new funding, allowing more training and hours of service in CABs across the country.

Citizens Advice Scotland Chief Executive Margaret Lynch said:
“Bureaux across the country are already dealing with unprecedented levels of need due to current welfare changes and benefit cuts - we are currently dealing with nearly 800 new issues for every working day. We already can see the damaging aspects of cuts and changes on the lives of families and household across the country and more is set to come over the next few years. CABs are dealing with more people in crisis and facing destitution which of course is distressing and stressful for the client and also for our advisers.

“The inevitable outcome of the current welfare reform agenda during an economic downturn is an increase in demand for advice services such as ours. We are therefore delighted that additional funding is being made available by the Scottish Government for all advice services across Scotland to help cope with the increased demand.  It is much needed and will be well used.

“CAB will be a mitigating force against welfare changes by providing advice and information, ensuring benefit entitlement for people, providing budgeting advice, signposting to other agencies such as food banks, and providing representation for people. This additional funding will help to train more advisers and provide more hours of service across the country. That way we can hope to help each demand and provide the advice and representation that the people of Scotland need and deserve.

“No-one can make up for the £2.7billion that will be taken out of the Scottish economy because of the UK Governments welfare changes but the Scottish citizens advice service will certainly be on the frontline to mitigate as many of the most damaging aspects of the changes ahead and to help, support and advise people in the years ahead.”


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