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Child Disability Payment opens for applications across Scotland

Child Disability Payment is a new benefit that’s replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for disabled children and young people who live in Scotland. It’s paid by Social Security Scotland.

It’s a payment to help with the extra costs of having a disability or health condition.

From 22 November 2021, Child Disability Payment is open for new applications in all parts of Scotland.

People living in Scotland can apply for Child Disability Payment for a child if they’re not already getting DLA for them.

Anyone who already gets child DLA, will continue to receive it until they’re transferred to Child Disability Payment. Social Security Scotland will contact them to tell them when this will happen. They won’t have to re-apply and the amount of payment they’ll get will be the same. 

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The Accessible Vehicle and Equipment Scheme 

Families of children aged 3 or over who get the higher rate of the mobility component of Child Disability Payment can lease accessible cars and other equipment from a new Scottish scheme. This is called the Accessible Vehicle and Equipment Scheme.

The scheme includes lots of different vehicles, for example cars, mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs. 

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Short-term Assistance 

A new payment called Short-term Assistance has been introduced at the same time as Child Disability Payment. This is to help people challenge decisions about their Child Disability Payment.

If someone’s award of Child Disability Payment is reduced or stopped, they can get Short-term Assistance while they challenge that decision. Short-term Assistance is the difference between the amount of Child Disability Payment that they were getting and the new amount that Social Security Scotland have said they’re entitled to. 

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