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CAS welcomes Scams Awareness Campaign

Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the launch of the 2020 Scams Awareness campaign.

CAS Chief Executive Derek Mitchell said:
“People in Scotland are targeted by scams every day, and in the Citizens Advice network we see cases of people who have lost money to them, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of pounds. This campaign is all about raising awareness of scams and encouraging people to be more confident about how to spot them and fight them.
“When someone steals money from you in a scam, that is a crime, and should be treated as such. That means reporting it to the police, and telling other people about it so they don’t get caught out by it.
“The coronavirus epidemic has seen new scams, with scammers trying to sell fake cures and seek donations to fake charities. It is distressing that they are trying to take advantage of people in this way, but the answer is for all of us to fight back against them.
“That means being constantly vigilant, reporting scams when they happen and talking more about them in general. Anyone in Scotland who has been hit by a scam can get advice from their local Citizens Advice Bureau.”  

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