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CAS welcomes 'real progress' in Scottish Government's programme

Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed some of the measures in today’s Legislative Programme, highlighting in particular three areas on which the charity has been specifically lobbying Ministers over the last few years.

CAS Policy Manager Keith Dryburgh said,

 “In addition to advising individual Scots, CAS also uses our case evidence to show Ministers the real-life picture of how public policy impacts negatively on people across the country, and to suggest priority areas for action. We are pleased that today’s programme reflects these priorities, with specific action on three of the main areas on which CAS has campaigned this year: welfare cuts, Employment Tribunal fees and the cost of funerals.   

 “We strongly welcome the emphasis given to mitigating the impact of the UK government’s welfare reforms, and in particular the abolition of the Bedroom Tax, which has caused real distress to thousands of the most vulnerable families across Scotland.

 “We are also pleased to see efforts to end the fees for Employment Tribunals, which is an issue we have been fighting hard to highlight. CAB evidence has shown clearly that this has been an active barrier preventing many Scots from challenging unfair treatment at work.

 “On funeral costs, we welcome the proposed reforms to funeral grants for those on low incomes, though we would note there is still a lot more to be done to halt the general rise in funeral and cremation costs that we have been reporting recently, and we will continue to engage with Ministers on this.

“There is always more to be done on these and other issues, and we will continue to highlight the injustices and poverty that we see in our communities. We also will want to look at the details of some of the proposals made today, to make sure that the right changes are actually implemented in practice. But it is clear there is real progress here, and we are pleased that Ministers have listened to us on the areas that need to be addressed in making Scotland a fairer place again.”

For details of CAS campaigns on welfare cuts, Tribunal Fees and funeral cost, see the policy page on our website

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