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CAS welcomes the publication of the Scottish Government’s Vision for Scotland’s electricity and gas networks.

The vision outlines the changing role that the energy networks in Scotland will play in the coming decade with  the transition to a lower carbon, more flexible and smarter energy system.

Jamie Stewart, Energy Policy Manager said: 

As the vision sets out, people in Scotland will be a central component in turning the vision into a reality.  This creates  exciting opportunities for some, such as those with electric vehicles or solar panels, but it puts others at risk of being left behind and facing higher costs.

We strongly support the recognition in the networks vision that  the transition to a decarbonised energy system must be inclusive. We believe that the appropriate advice and support will be needed for all households and businesses  and especially for those who are currently less able to engage.

With ever more players involved in the energy system in Scotland, we also welcome the recognition in the vision that consumer protection and representation is essential, and CAS intends to undertake advocacy to ensure the consumer voice is heard throughout this process. This is not only important to ensure that consumers are protected,  but will make sure that people have trust and a willingness to engage with those delivering the transition.