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CAS welcomes Ofgem announcement on prepay crisis credit

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has welcomed statements from the Chief Executive of Ofgem confirming more access to crisis funds for prepayment consumers during challenging times in the energy market.

Speaking at the Energy UK conference today Jonathan Brearley said:

 “…50% of our redress fund, paid through enforcement action against poor company behaviour, will be earmarked to provide emergency credit for customers.”

Energy bills rose last week as the price cap was lifted for millions of consumers across Britain. Analysis published by CAS last week suggested 400,000 people in Scotland missed an energy payment during the pandemic because they had run out of money before pay day.

CAS Fair Markets spokesperson Kate Morrison said:

“This is a welcome statement from Ofgem, with energy bills alongside prices rising in the shops access to prepayment crisis funds will be more essential than ever.

“Almost 400,000 people missed an energy payment during the pandemic because they ran out of money – and that was before bills went up and incomes fell.

“We’d encourage people worried about their energy bills to seek advice this winter, the CAB network unlocked around £1 million in energy related financial gains for people during the pandemic, around £272 on average. Our advice adds up and it’s more crucial than ever.”



Jonathan Brearley speech at Energy UK Annual Conference 2021: