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CAS welcomes new inquiry into delivery charges

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has welcomed news that the House of Commons Scottish Affairs committee is to investigate the issue of unfair delivery fees to northern parts of Scotland.

Nina Ballantyne, from the CAS Consumer Futures Unit, says,

“We welcome this inquiry and have already agreed to provide our own evidence, gathered over the last six years, to assist the committee in its work.

“CAS is keen to focus on constructive efforts that will bring solutions to the 1 million Scots who are hit by unfair delivery charges.”

Last month CAS published new research* which found:

  • consumers in northern parts of Scotland are asked to pay at least 30% more, on average, for delivery than consumers elsewhere in Great Britain.
  • This rises to 50% on average in the Scottish islands.
  • For heavier items, people in the Highlands and Islands can be asked to pay almost four times as much as the rest of Great Britain.
  • Over 80% of consumers affected do not think the extra price is fair, with 83% saying they’d buy more online if it weren’t for the charges.

* The full CAS report is here.



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