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CAS welcomes new assistance for Heat Network consumers

Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed an agreement announced today by the Association for Decentralised Energy and Heat Network suppliers across the UK, to protect their customers during the COVID-19 crisis.

The agreement has been struck between suppliers who are members of the Heat Networks Industry Council, and outlines the pledges signatories have made to support consumers during the COVID-19 crisis, including ensuring no disruption to supply, and offering help to those who are struggling financially.
Welcoming the news, CAS Energy spokesperson Kate Morrison says,
“CAS has been fighting the corner of district heating users in Scotland for years, so we commend the members of the HNIC for making such clear commitments to make sure their services will continue through the current crisis and that they will also work to support people who are finding it hard to meet their payments.
“Heat network consumers currently do not have the same protections as gas and electricity consumers and so we are pleased to see that the heat network industry has stepped up in this way. CAS does not want to see any households disconnected from supply where it is avoidable, especially during this pandemic."
The press release from the Association for Decentralised Energy is here