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CAS welcomes minimum wage rise - and calls for fair employment commission

Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the UK government’s decision to increase the minimum wage to £6.50 an hour – and has called on them to under-score the decision by introducing a Fair Employment Commission

CAS Chief Executive Margaret Lynch has written to the Chancellor today to make the call. (Letter attached). 

Publishing the letter, Margaret Lynch says: 

“In our recent discussions with Ministers we have argued that there are two major things the government can do to help low-paid workers. An increase in the Minimum Wage is one. The other is the establishment of a Fair Employment Commission to better enforce workers rights on pay and other issues. Today the government have announced the first of these changes. We urge them now to implement the second. 

“CAB advisers see so many people now who are in poverty, or very near it. Many of them are unemployed, but others are actually in work, and are struggling because of low wages and uncertain hours – applied by rogue employers. These people need better protection and a fair deal. 

“The government says it wants to make work pay. We support that aim, and having secured a fairer Minimum Wage, the best way they can ensure that work pays is to create a powerful Fair Employment Commission now.”

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