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CAS welcomes Fair Work Framework

Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the Fair Work Framework for Scotland, which has been launched today by the Fair Work Convention.

CAS spokesman Rob Gowans says,

“We have been concerned for some time at the growth of low pay and poor conditions at work. Last year, CABs in Scotland advised people on more than 50,000 employment issues – a record high – and the last few years have seen an increase in people who are in work but are struggling to put food on the table.

“The Fair Work Framework makes a number of important recommendations – many of which we have campaigned for. We particularly welcome the support for increased awareness and understanding of employment rights, the recognition that most zero hours contracts are not fair work, and that all workers should be paid at least the voluntary Living Wage.

“We encourage the next Scottish Government to embed fair work at the heart of their policy agenda, and work to implement these recommendations in full. Scots deserve a fair deal in the workplace.”

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