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CAS welcomes CMA 'green-washing' investigation

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has welcomed the launch of a consultation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) as part of its work to investigate when consumers may be misled into buying eco-friendly products.

The CMA is seeking to better understand the impact of green marketing on consumers and has launched a series of surveys for individuals, businesses and other stakeholders to give their views.

CAS’s Fair Markets spokesperson, Kate Morrison, said: “As many of us increase our efforts to be greener and buy sustainably, we rely on the information we find alongside fashion, food and drink, travel and transport and many other products.

“Green-washing or claims that products are more eco-friendly than they actually are demonstrate an attempt to mislead consumers and cash-in on people’s wish to do their best for the environment.

“The Citizens Advice network in Scotland is often at the forefront providing advice and support to those affected by green scams, including the mis-selling of energy-efficiency measures for the home by rogue traders who claim environmental benefits and financial savings which can be inaccurate.

“We encourage individuals and businesses to take part in this consultation by the CMA so consumers can be protected in the long-term.”