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CAS urges MSPs to protect the poorest in climate change efforts

Citizens Advice Scotland has today urged MSPs to ensure that progress towards tackling climate change does not put more burden on those least able to cope.   

Ahead of the Scottish Parliament’s Stage 3 debate on the Climate Change bill today, CAS Energy spokesperson Dr Jamie Stewart said,

“Citizens Advice Scotland is fully behind efforts to tackle climate change, but we would urge MSPs in all parties to make sure the methods used to achieve these do not mean that those at the low end of the income scale end up bearing disproportionate costs.  

“For example, investment in domestic energy efficiency and renewable technology should be rolled out in a way that first benefits those least able to pay. That would be a triple-win: improving our housing stock, cutting energy use and cutting vulnerable households’ fuel bills at the same time.

“With a quarter of Scotland’s households in fuel poverty, that sort of thinking should be front and centre of today’s proceedings. We need to be bold about tackling climate change, and doing it in a way that is socially as well as environmentally sustainable.”