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CAS urges energy market to 'be bold for Scottish consumers'

Citizens Advice Scotland is today urging the Competition and Markets Authority to take firm action to protect energy customers in Scotland.

CAS will make the call while giving evidence this afternoon to the CMA in London on the plight of Scottish energy consumers. The charity says a higher proportion of Scots use pre-payment meters and electric heating compared with the rest of Britain, and so need more support.

Ahead of her presentation, CAS consumer spokesperson Sarah Beattie-Smith says,

“With almost 40% of Scots in fuel poverty and nearly 1 in 5 people reliant on expensive prepayment meters for their energy, it’s vital that the CMA investigation is bold in its recommendations for change in the energy market.

"The evidence shows that Scottish consumers are suffering more than people elsewhere in the UK, and we need an energy market that works for us in Scotland.

“Consumers with prepayment meters and electric only heating often find themselves unable to switch energy tariff or supplier, meaning they’re stuck paying way over the odds. People on the lowest incomes are therefore struggling to stay warm in some of the coldest parts of the UK. We need to see much greater support for these consumers to help them switch, save and to stay warm for less.”


The CAS meeting with CMA takes place in London at 4pm.

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