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CAS response to Scottish Government budget

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has today welcomed aspects of the Scottish Government's budget announced today, such as the implementation of a living wage. However CAS has warned that the budget cuts announced by the Scottish government will impact on hard working families and individuals in Scotland with the knock on effect of increased numbers needing advice in bureaux.

Lucy McTernan, CEO of Citizens Advice Scotland, said: “This will be a big challenge for the Scottish Citizens Advice Bureau network who already deal with a huge workload and are working beyond their capacity. Currently, Scottish bureaux deal with one issue for every single minute of the year and this rate is expected to increase due to these cuts”.

With personal debt, living costs and unemployment rising in Scotland, citizens advice bureaux have seen a significant increase in the numbers and issues that are coming through the doors in bureaux in every community in Scotland.

McTernan added: “With personal debt at an all time high and living costs still rising in Scotland, the announcement of the budget cuts such as the public sector workers' pay freeze will mean that hard working families and individuals are hit the hardest. These are people who live in every community in Scotland who have mortgages and consumer debt, but will now have less income in their pockets to service these debts."

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