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CAS response to recent media coverage

25 May 2016

CAS strongly refutes claims that the charity is ‘on the brink of collapse’ and that the UK Government are looking to ‘offload’ CAS to the Scottish Government.

This does not accurately reflect the state of affairs at CAS where day-to-day operations are normal and the charity’s finances are stable.  CAS has a good working relationship with our core funder: BIS confirmed yesterday that there are no plans to transfer core funding arrangements to the Scottish Government.

At a strategic level the organisation is undertaking a governance review, which is making good progress and will report in the summer. We are working closely with UK and Scottish governments as we proceed through this review and they have been satisfied with progress to date.

BIS provides CAS with a £4.5m grant for consumer advice and advocacy, and this partially devolved to the Scottish Government yesterday. BIS continue to provide CAS with their core grant.

Comment from BIS:

'Only funding for consumer advocacy and advice has been devolved to Scottish Government as part of the long-standing devolution deal. BIS continues to provide Citizen's Advice Scotland with core funding. BIS has no plans to transfer responsibility for this funding to Scottish Government. We will consider our next steps in light of the outcome of the Governance review in July.'

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