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CAS response to Osborne's Autumn Statement

25 Nov 2015

Citizens Advice Scotland have responded to George Osborne's Autumn Statement

CAS spokesman Rob Gowans says,

"We welcome the Chancellor’s decision not to go ahead with the planned changes to tax credits. Around 14% of Scotland’s households receive tax credits, and they’re one of the most common issues that people visit their local CAB for advice about. The planned changes would have meant an increase to the amount of families in low-paid work who struggle to pay living costs, and the reversal of some of these changes to tax credits will be good news for them.

“However the decision to cap Housing Benefit for people who live in social housing is concerning. In 2013, the introduction of the underoccupancy charge caused a rise in people who could not afford to pay the rent, and on top of the imminent lowering of the Benefit Cap, these changes could lead to an increase in people struggling with rent arrears. We would encourage the Government to make sure that vulnerable people and families receive some protection to make sure they are not made homeless.”



See also our summary of the changes to social security made in the Autumn Statement and spending review.

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