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CAS response to Committee on Climate Change advice that Scotland can credibly adopt net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

Jamie Stewart Energy Policy Manager at Citizens Advice Scotland said:

The committees report sets out how Scotland can achieve more ambitious emission reduction targets than the rest of the UK.

While this is an important step, setting targets is the easy part of this process. The more challenging part will be designing and delivering the policies that see the targets be met in a way that doesn't make things harder for those who are already struggling.  

The changes proposed will require the buy in of the people of Scotland. Whether this is to purchase electric vehicles, insulate their homes or change the way their homes are heated. Policies must be designed and infrastructure created by Government and industry that is easy for people to engage with. Without this it will be difficult to get the backing and support of people and targets will be missed.  

With a quarter of Scots in fuel poverty, it is also essential that those who can't heat their homes are prioritised. These people can't turn their thermostats down and should be given the support needed to live in a warm home.