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CAS responds to Cameron speech on welfare cuts

22 Jun 2015

Citizens Advice Scotland has expressed concern about the impact of further welfare cuts, following the Prime Minister’s speech today.

CAS spokesman Rob Gowans says,

“For the last few years the CAB service has seen first-hand the problems that the welfare reforms have caused for vulnerable people in Scotland, and we are concerned at the impact that further cuts will have.

“Following previous changes to the tax credits system in 2012, for example, we know that 97,300 fewer working families in Scotland have received tax credits. That’s a fall of 27%.  Over that same period, Scottish CABs saw a 12% increase in the number of new cases related to tax credits.

“CAB advisers across Scotland are reporting a growing number of cases where people are in work, but are struggling to pay for essentials. Common problems include low pay, childcare costs and availability, misuse of zero hours contracts as well as lack of support from the in-work benefits system.

“We will continue to offer free, confidential advice to anyone who is struggling financially, but we will also be pressing Ministers to spell out how people will be protected from the damaging impact of further cuts.”

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