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CAS highlights the problems of homeless Scots to MSPs

13 Aug 2014

Citizens Advice Scotland has today given evidence to the Scottish Parliament on the problems faced by homeless people the CAB service has seen in the last year. 

CAS has submitted the attached report to Holyrood’s Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee. Backing this up with oral evidence this morning, CAS spokesman Rob Gowans said, 

“Our evidence is based on real cases seen by Scottish CABs over the last year. While the proportion of homelessness cases has declined, some of Scotland’s Local Authorities seem to be having problems implementing the preventative 'Housing Options' approach that is designed to help people who are threatened with becoming homeless. CABs have even seen some clients who have been deterred from making a homeless application – which contravenes their legal rights. 

“We recommend the publication of national guidance on ‘Housing Options’, to ensure clarity for all Local Authorities on how they can combine a preventative approach whilst at the same time ensuring that homeless people's statutory rights are respected. We also suggest further investigation is carried out on the reasons why the proportion of people assessed as 'intentionally homeless' has increased.”


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