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CAS Governance Review

Following our recent announcement, which announced that CAS would be conducting a governance review, CAS can now confirm the high level outline for reviewing the organisation’s governance landscape.  

This review will consist of:

  • An independent and external Governance review
  • Evaluation of our existing financial control and risk management processes and reporting frameworks
  • Ensuring that key management and governance roles are in place within the organisation

Following these reviews, implementation plans will be developed to ensure that the recommendations provided are acted upon.

We are very aware of the need to have an external assessment of our governance structures, both to avoid any potential conflicts of interest and to provide an independent assessment of any areas that may require change. To ensure complete impartiality, last week, CAS  issued an Invitation to Tender for the governance review, and expects to appoint a supplier to carry out the review by the end of April.

It is anticipated that the successful organisation will complete the review and recommendations by the summer, with a view to then taking the recommendations to our members for further consultation ahead of this year’s AGM.

As well as the Governance Review, we will be carrying out a review and evaluation of our financial control and risk management processes to ensure these are managed robustly and with the appropriate degree of transparency – allowing oversight by both members and government funders.

We are also working hard to ensure that the key management roles in the organisation are in place. We hope to complete the recruitment of a Head of Finance this month, and other posts by the summer.

Commenting on the review, CAS Chair, Dominic Notarangelo said,

“The CAS Governance Review provides an opportunity for us to take stock of our current governance model and assess this against recognised best practice.  We welcome the involvement of both UK and Scottish Government in this process, and value the views that they will bring in ensuring that as the recipients of public funds, we create a governance landscape which ensures good value for taxpayers’ money.”

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