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CAS Governance Reforms Approved By Members

30 Jan 2017

Citizens Advice Scotland has received the green light from its members to implement a package of measures designed to modernise its governance arrangements, and which bring CAS into line with recognised best practice.

Members voted overwhelmingly in support of these changes, which allows for the appointment of an Independent Chair and a number of external trustees, and for these to be recruited through a competitive skills-based selection process. In addition, a strict 6-year tenure limit has been introduced as well as a mechanism for a vote of no confidence in a trustee in breach of the Code of Conduct.

The approval of these measures, by 90% of members, means that CAS should be in a position to have a new board in place by the end of March, meeting the timeline set out in its delivery plan to secure ongoing funding for the organisation.

Following the decision at a General Meeting held today in Edinburgh, Acting CAS Chair, Agnes Robson said: 

“I am delighted that the package of governance reforms proposed by the CAS board have been so warmly endorsed by the members.

“These measures will ensure that CAS can move forward confidently, and with the necessary robust governance framework in place, to support the Citizens Advice service in delivering much-needed benefits, debt and consumer advice in communities across Scotland.”

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