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CAS consultation responses: payday loans and the Consumer Bill of Rights

CAS has responded to consultations on payday loans and the draft Consumer Bill of Rights.  As ever, the publications take in evidence which we have collated from across the bureau network to ground our arguments in the experiences of Scots.

We were able to explain to the Competition Commission that payday loans have been a substantially increasing workload for bureaux in Scotland.  Our evidence shows our clients turning to them in the face of ever increasing financial hardship. Many of these cases have strong social impacts, but also raise numerous concerns as to how the payday lenders operate as a market.  Read on in our report which is linked below.

We were also able to go to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) with a clear idea of the issues faced by consumers on a daily basis.  In our submission, we welcome the alignment of rights for goods and services while making some suggested amendments to further protect consumers in this field.  We were able to highlight our concern that this bill leaves consumers lacking in minimum expected rights for redress for faulty digital content, and that this may allow for significant consumer detriment. We have made a number of points that we feel need addressing when it comes to consumers digital rights.

Lastly, we demonstrated that strong and effective consumer and business education must be a priority for the Government, given the wide ranging changes to statutory rights. As the publicly-funded voice of consumers, the Citizens Advice Service across Great Britain is perfectly placed to deliver such an education programme.  Read our full submission at the links below.

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