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CAS comment on Joseph Rowntree Foundation Scottish poverty report

Commenting on Joseph Rowntree Foundation report Monitoring poverty and social exclusion in Scotland 2013 Citizens Advice Scotland Chief Executive Margaret Lynch said:

"This report bears out exactly what CAB see day in and day out. More people unemployed, underemployed or in low-income households who need advice on debt and benefits as they find it increasingly difficult to get though the month and manage to pay the bills and put food on the table. At a time of rising costs it is becoming harder and harder for people to cope and so CAB are increasingly seeing more people in crisis.

The UK Government’s cuts in benefits will take out £2.7 billion from the Scottish economy over the next few years and have a devastating impact on thousands of households across Scotland, those in work, out of work, as well as those with disabilities or caring responsibilities. Pushing people further into poverty and financial difficulties will only lead to an increase in other problems such as homelessness, health inequalities, and family breakdown, as well as lead to rising debt and an increase for food hand-outs."