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CAS Backs Rowntree Report on Poverty Gap

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has warned there is a risk of an unacceptable gap between real incomes in Scotland and those required to avoid poverty.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation have today said the minimum amount people need to live to an ‘acceptable standard’ is £14,400 for a single person and £29,200 for a couple with 2 children.

CAS spokesman Matt Lancashire said,

“What is really striking is the gap between these figures and the real incomes of the the kind of people who come into the CAB every day. The gap is already too high and is going to get bigger - particularly after the changes announced in the recent budget.

 “£14,400 is not a huge amount of money. It’s actually quite a pitiful amount – particularly given the wage freezes, benefit cuts and VAT increases we have seen announced recently.

“The fact we are trying to pay off the national debt does not mean that it is acceptable for huge numbers of our population to be pushed into poverty.”

CAS is the umbrella group which represents the network of 83 local CABs across Scotland.

For further information, interviews etc please contact Matt Lancashire on 0131 550 1062.