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CAS backs OFCOM on high phone/internet bills

Citizens Advice Scotland have backed OFCOM’s campaign to gather evidence of how many people are receiving ‘unexpectedly high’ bills for phone and internet services.

CAS Chief Executive Lucy McTernan said,

“Scottish CAB advisers have reported receiving a number of enquiries from people who have been shocked to receive bills which are much higher than they had expected. In the current economic climate, with so many people struggling to get by, a bill like that can really hit families hard. Many feel they have no option but to borrow the money, and that gets them into the dangerous cycle of debt.

“Our evidence suggests that such bills are often the result of unclear terms and conditions in the service contract. Providers need to make sure that their contracts are clear and transparent, so that consumers can make informed decisions before signing a telecoms contract.

“Anyone who faces an unexpectedly high bill can get advice from their local CAB. Our advice is completely confidential and we never pass case information to any external agencies, so we would encourage people in that situation to report it to OFCOM as well.

“We need a vigorous campaign to ensure that people are getting a fair deal. We met with OFCOM only last week, and we would be keen to talk to them again on this and on other issues where we can work together to protect customers.”