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CAS backs delay to fire regulation changes

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has welcomed news that the Scottish Government is considering delaying new fire regulations that will cost householders hundreds of pounds. 

CAS Markets spokesperson, Kate Morrison, said: "We have been concerned about people's ability to afford the changes these regulations require and we think it would be sensible to delay its implementation until more thought can be given to helping people pay for it. 

"Of course we want to make Scottish homes as safe as possible but the reality is that many families are really struggling at the moment just to put food on the table and put the heating on. With the furlough scheme about to end we are expecting to see more redundancies, heaping even more financial pressures on people. 

"Under these circumstances it is not realistic to expect people to pay hundreds of pounds to make these improvements. 

"So we would support a delay to the deadline for implementing these changes and some thought given to ways the government can support people to implement them so that everyone can live in a home with an effective fire alarm system."