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CAS backs calls for two-child limit to be ended

Citizens Advice Scotland has today responded to a new report from the Child Poverty Action Group which details the negative impact of the UK government’s ‘two child limit’ policy.

Responding to the report, CAS Social Justice policy Manager Nina Ballantyne said,

“Citizens Advice Scotland backs this report, and believes the UK government should lift the two-child limit altogether. This is not a matter that can be solved by tinkering at the edges or exempting certain children. The limit should be scrapped for all families.

“This new research echoes what Scottish CAB advisers have told us as they help and advocate for hundreds of thousands of people every year, including families hit by the two-child limit. Our evidence shows that Child Tax Credits can be essential in preventing households from facing hardship and destitution.

“Losing Child Tax credits has a negative impact on any family, but particularly lone parents, the majority of whom are women. The policy also makes no account for families whose circumstances may change after having children. So we  would urge the government to read today’s report, and reconsider whether this policy should continue.”



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