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Budget Response: the Government 'doesn't understand the financial crisis people are living with'

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) have said there is nothing in the budget that will really help people who are struggling financially, and that the government does not understand the extent of the problems many families are facing.

CAS Chief Executive Lucy McTernan said,

“There is nothing in the budget that will seriously relieve the pressure on those who are suffering the most. People are crying out for some kind of financial help, and they did not get it today.

“The government doesn’t seem to realise that many people are finding it difficult just to get through the week. Incomes have fallen as the cost of living has risen. People are really struggling to get by. Many can’t meet their mortgage or rent payments, or even feed their families. Personal debt is on the rise and young people in particular are finding it hard to get work. This is the real picture of life for many people in Scotland. CAB advisers see it every day. and it is bleak.

“The government could have responded to this today by introducing measures that would provide something for those who are struggling the most. But in fact there is nothing that will really help people. The minor change to the tax threshold will amount to just 80p per week – barely enough to buy a litre of milk.

“Overall it is clear that the government does not understand the full extent of the financial crisis that afflicts the everyday life of people in Scotland. They need to provide more support for those who need it and re-think the cuts they are making to essential services.”

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