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Budget: The misery continues for low-income families

20 Mar 2013

Citizens Advice Scotland have said that today’s budget offers little relief for the hundreds of thousands of vulnerable families who have been driven into poverty by the government’s welfare reforms.

Citizens Advice Scotland Chief Executive Margaret Lynch says,

“This government’s benefit cuts have already driven hundreds of thousands of people into, or further into, poverty. With even further cuts now being announced, things are set to get even worse.

“So we were looking today for some signs that the government understood what was actually happening to those people and their families, and was willing to take steps to ease the burden on those who have been hit hardest. But there was nothing today that will help ease their plight. So for all those families, the misery will not only continue, it will get worse.
“The Chancellor talked a lot about the importance of aspiration. The trouble is that for increasing numbers of people in Scotland today, their biggest aspiration is to put food on the table to feed themselves and their children, or to pay this month’s rent or heating bill without going further into a spiral of debt.”


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