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Budget 'fails to recognise scale of Scotland's poverty crisis’

Citizens Advice Scotland has given its response to the budget, saying that it does not address the scale of the poverty crisis that many Scots are facing.

CAS Chief Executive Margaret Lynch says: 

“There are some tax changes here that will help some people, and of course we welcome those. But they won't make up for the years of rising prices and stagnant wages that have pushed the working poor into poverty, or for the welfare changes that have made life miserable for some of the most vulnerable in our society. 

“Overall, we feel that the government needs to recognise the real scale of the crisis that families are facing. Every day now CAB advisers are seeing people who are in real poverty, or on the edge of it. Many of them are working, but are still literally unable to pay the bills, or even to feed themselves and their children. 

“So we were hoping to see more measures in the budget that would offer real help to those people; measures that would mean fewer families having to turn to foodbanks, or having to choose between heating and eating. And we wanted to see efforts to re-create the welfare safety net for those who are unlucky enough to need extra support. Today’s budget falls short of really tackling these problems.” 


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