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A better deal for renters is essential to ending Scotland's housing crisis

Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed an announcement by the Scottish Government that a new strategy for Scotland's rented sector will form part of new 20 year route map for housing to be published next week.

CAS Social Justice spokesperson, Nina Ballantyne, said:

“A better deal for renters is essential to end the housing crisis.

"While we await further details on the new Rented Sector strategy, we’re pleased that a new strategy to improve affordability, standards and accessibility across all kinds of rented housing will be published next week. We’re also pleased to see a commitment to engage closely with tenants in the development of the strategy.

“These were all areas we identified as needing action in our response to the initial Housing to 2040 consultation.

“We look forward to seeing the detail of the plan but are encouraged to see the Scottish Government recognising our calls to improve the private rented sector in particular, especially as this will be a critical part of the recovery from the pandemic."