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Bedroom tax causes 30% rise in housing benefit cases at Scottish CAB

5 Feb 2014

Charity boss urges minister to lift block on £15m aid.

Citizens Advice Scotland has today written to the UK Government urging them to enable an extra £15m in assistance to Scots affected by the Bedroom Tax. 

The Scottish Government is ready to spend the extra money, but is unable to do so because of UK government spending limits. In today’s letter to UK Welfare Minister Lord Freud, CAS reveal that in the eight months since the Bedroom Tax was introduced, Scottish CABs have seen a 29% increase in Housing Benefit issues.  

Publishing the letter, CAS Chief Executive Margaret Lynch says, 

“These figures very clearly show that this change is having a huge impact on people in Scotland. And those affected include some of the most vulnerable groups in our society – like disabled people and separated families. 

“We are urging the UK government to exempt these groups from this charge altogether. But in the meantime, if there is money available to soften the blow on these people then it should be spent. 

“Anyone who is affected by the Bedroom Tax can get free advice from their local CAB or from our national helpline 0808 800 9060.” 

The CAS letter to Lord Freud is appended below.

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