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Bank of Scotland report shows many families in 'crisis'

Citizens Advice Scotland have said many Scottish households are facing financial crisis, amid new reports that the cost of running a home is higher than ever.

 The Bank of Scotland have reported today (Saturday) that the the cost of running a home is at a record high – largely because of soaring energy bills.

In response, CAS Head of Policy Susan McPhee says: 

“Every week we continue to see report after report showing how many people are really struggling financially. Local CAB offices across the country have been dealing with this in the front line for years. Ever since the credit crunch and the recession, we have had to train more and more of our advisers to specialise in Money Advice, just to cope with the increase in people who need help with financial issues. 

“Our expert advice is free, impartial and confidential, and is undoubtedly helping lots of people cope. But these problems really need to be tackled at source. The government can’t continue to ignore the fact that so many people are in financial crisis at the moment, and need real practical help. 

“For years now the cost of living has risen steadily, while household incomes have stayed level or have fallen. As a result, basic issues like paying bills and putting food on the table has become a real challenge for many families in Scotland every single week.

“People who are struggling like that can come and get expert financial advice from their local CAB. We can help them for example to manage their debts, and we may also be able to tell them if they are eligible for financial help which they don’t know about.”