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5 week wait for Universal Credit must go

Citizens Advice Scotland has today (Thursday) called for the UK government to end the 5-week wait for Universal Credit, which it claims is pushing many Scots into poverty.

The call comes as the Trussell Trust UK publishes a report showing a spike in food bank referrals in areas which have Universal Credit in place.

Earlier this month CAS published a report into the  5 Week wait, revealing the impact of the waiting period on clients (see link below).

In addition to clients going without food because of the wait, there are examples people were forced into debt, suffered from stress and ill health . 

CAS Social Justice spokesperson Mhoraig Green said:

“This report chimes with the evidence we see across the Citizens Advice network in Scotland about the impact that the 5 week wait has on people’s lives.  

“The waiting period pushes people into debt or causes their existing debt to spiral, and it leaves people with no money to heat their home or buy food, and exacerbates their ill health. 

“The recent spending round for the government was a missed opportunity to fix this problem.  

“With so many organisations now publishing the same evidence, surely it is time for the government to recognise that what we are showing is the real picture. The five week wait must go.”