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5 Glasgow CAB Offices to Close - 'A Shocking Blow' to the City

The closure of 5 CAB offices in Glasgow on March 31st will be a shocking blow to the people of the city, says Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

The 5 CABs are those based in some of the city’s most deprived areas - Easterhouse, Bridgeton, Parkhead, Pollok and Castlemilk. All 5 of them have seen massive increases in demand over recent years, and have become a lifeline for thousands of people facing crisis issues like debt, homelessness, unemployment and severe poverty.

Despite the ‘life-changing’ work they do every day, and the huge levels of trust they inspire, they are closing because the agency which has responsibility for advice services in the city has refused to offer them a future role (see notes).

Citizens Advice Scotland’s Acting Chief Executive, Susan McPhee, says:

"This is a really shocking situation, and we are deeply disappointed that the people of Glasgow will lose so much expert advice – just when they need it most.

"The recession has really battered the city, and things have been made worse by the government’s public spending cuts and welfare reforms. As a result many Glasgow families are really struggling, demand for CAB advice has never been higher and staff at all of these offices have never been busier.

“Last year Glasgow’s CAB service helped nearly 27,000 people, and on their behalf dealt with a total of 80,000 issues. Their expert advice is also incredible value for money. By stopping people becoming homeless or getting them out of debt, our advisers not only help those families but also save millions of pounds every year for the Glasgow economy. For every £1 of funding they received last year, the Glasgow CABs generated a gain of £21.

"We are sure that Glaswegians will be as shocked as we are by these closures. The CAB is one of the most popular institutions in the city. A poll a few years ago found that 93% of Glaswegians supported the CAB. The service is iconic and unique, and has served the city for 73 years – delivering free, independent, confidential advice to anyone who needs it.

“Everyone recognises the circular blue and yellow CAB logo, and knows that it represents a tradition of quality advice and first-rate service. It’s deeply shocking that that familiar image – and all that it represents - will now disappear from most of Scotland’s largest city.

"Staff at these five bureaux are devastated that they can no longer provide their vital service to the city they love, and they have asked us to thank the people of Glasgow for their support and goodwill over the years."

Interviews and Case Studies

We can organise interviews with spokespeople from CAS, or from the CAB offices affected. We also have a number of case studies – people who have been helped by the Glasgow CAB service recently and are prepared to tell their story.

To organise this, please contact Tony Hutson on 0131 550 1010 or 07774 751655.