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3,000 Scottish families would lose out in benefits cap

Citizens Advice Scotland have given their response to the benefits ‘cap’ being discussed today in Westminster. Though the cap would only affect a relatively small number of Scots, CAS are concerned about the precedent it sets.

CAS Policy Officer Matt Lancashire said:

“Though a benefits cap would only hurt around 3,000 households in Scotland, that’s not much consolation if you are one of those affected. On average these 3,000 Scots’ households will lose about £83 per week. These are already some of the most vulnerable people in Scotland. A cut like that will hit them hard.

“We are also concerned that the policy sets a precedent for the further capping of other benefit in the future. It’s another step on the road by which the welfare refom bill is hitting the most vulnerable people and forcing them into greater poverty. We are not talking here about people losing a pound or two, but hundreds and hundreds of pounds, due to this bill.

“Child benefit has long been established as money which is paid to feed, warm and clothe a child. It shouldn’t be included in the calculation of a benefits cap.”

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