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Reality bites

Under-Employment - a hidden problem

Citizens Advice Scotland has found that too many working Scots are struggling in low-paid and unsatisfying jobs which don’t meet their financial needs and can have a negative impact on their health and relationships. Under-employment is a particular issue facing thousands of Scots, many of whom need CAB advice.

Kinship Care - the relative value

Are you looking after a child for a family member or friend? You are not alone. Around 1 in 70 children in Scotland are estimated to be looked after by a kinship carer and we know many carers need advice and support. The Scottish Citizens Advice service can help.

Comment: talking about 'welfare' and 'social security'

'Welfare', 'benefits', 'social security' - they're just all terms for the same thing, right?

Client story: no support... until I went to the CAB

When the benefit rules changed Cath found her benefits were suspended. Then she got hit with a summary warrant for water and sewarage charges. Cath struggles with mental health problems and was upset with her situation. She wanted to keep on top of bills and benefit and to get back into work. With help from her local CAB, she's getting closer.

Client story: want to pay, yet the bank won't listen

Mohammed was worried and distressed when he was being pursued by his bank regarding an unplanned overdraft. He wanted to sort it out but needed help so turned to his local CAB who got his bank to take proper notice of the facts of the case.