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Reality bites

Client story: Consumer advice helps James with mobile phone contract

With the rise in numbers of mobile phone operators there has also been a rise in need for advice on contracts and operators. Find out how James was helped by the Citizens Advice consumer service to resolve his mobile phone contract problem.

Client story: Jean given a lifeline landline through her CAB

After three months of trying to get a landline organised for her new house, Jean turned to her local CAB for help.

Client story: will the bedroom tax mean Betsy has to leave her home?

Betsy and Jeff are one of the thousands of households with a registered disabled adult that is affected by the so called ‘bedroom tax’. With help from their local CAB they applied for a discretionary payment to help them stay in their home.

Client story: a veteran relocates to Scotland

Jim was looking for help in relocating his family from England to Scotland following redundancy from the Army, and heard about ASAP - an advice project for the armed services community delivered by Scotland's Citizens Advice service. His CAB helped him find accommodation and put him in touch with the local authority's 'veterans champion'. You can call ASAP on 0845 231 0300.

Under-Employment - a hidden problem

Citizens Advice Scotland has found that too many working Scots are struggling in low-paid and unsatisfying jobs which don’t meet their financial needs and can have a negative impact on their health and relationships. Under-employment is a particular issue facing thousands of Scots, many of whom need CAB advice.