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Reality bites

Myth-busting: the real figures on benefit fraud

Benefit fraud is a problem, however it seems to get more attention than other fraud within our economy. Here are the facts about benefit fraud and their position within the UK’s finances.

Client story: Jane was homeless, now she has been hit by the bedroom tax

Jane needed a  flat when she was homeless. When she got one, she was hit by the bedroom tax and built up arrears until her local CAB helped out.


Client story: No benefits for eight weeks after missing an appointment

Sara was left without benefits for eight weeks after missing an appointment because she was caring for her disabled husband. When she approached her CAB for advice she had no money for food for her or her husband. Her local bureaux helped her access the services she needed in the short term as well as sorting out her claim.

Client Story: CAB experience with benefit process helped Andy get support he needed

When Andy was left with health problems after being the victim of crime, he ended up in rent arrears and with an eviction notice. But CAB experience with navigating the benefit administrations process  helped Andy get the support he needed.

Local work: Bringing HOPE to older people

With many changes to the welfare system  in the pipeline, Orkney CAB wanted to help local pensioners get the help they were entitled to.