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Local work: Bringing HOPE to older people

Orkney CAB has brought hope to older people in Orkney by raising awareness of the help and support available to them through the implementation of their HOPE campaign (Help and Support for Older People) in response to changes to Pension Credit which are set to be introduced in October 2013.

The CAB wanted to do something to mitigate the impact of the welfare reforms on the community, and the campaign focuses on signing up as many eligible pensioners in the community as possible before changes are implemented.

From April to October the CAB is offering free information sessions on the campaign and its aims and objectives to professionals in Orkney who work with older people, for example medical practices, local elected representatives, hospital staff, and social workers. The bureau also designed and distributed a new self-help booklet on benefits and the other support available to older people in Orkney.

Orkney CAB wanted to make a real effort to inform and empower people so they could make preparations which could help lessen the impact that welfare changes may have on them and reduce possible problems for pensioners and others that may occur.


7 May 2013