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Left living in sewage by the landlord; the CAB showed him what to do next

Soon after Grant moved into his new house he was renting from a letting agency in the East of Scotland, problems with the drains became apparent.  In spite of the letting agency sending a plumber on several occasions, the problem was only ever fixed for a matter of days before sewage would once again back up into the shower and the garden. Grant also described an “all-pervasive stink” around the house, which he found particularly concerning given that he lives with two children under the age of three.

Almost a month after moving in, it was determined that the problem definitely lay within the boundaries of the property (so the local authority was not liable) and a remote camera found that major drain repair would be needed, as tree roots and stones had caused damage and blockages. The letting agency had been fully informed, but the landlord was stalling on repairs, leaving Grant and the children in an intolerable and potentially dangerous situation. 

Grant wanted to know how best to speed up action, and what his rights would be if he has to move out while repairs are being made. The CAB helped him refer the matter to the Private Rented Housing Panel and advised on what he can expect legally from his landlord and the letting agency.

4 Apr 2014