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Client Story: CAB experience with benefit process helped Andy get support he needed

Andy was left with long term health problems when he was the victim of crime and stabbed in the head. He now has long term health problems including paralysis down one side, restricted vision and hearing and loss of motor skills in one hand.  However he was found fit for work in an Work Capability Assessment which resulted in him losing his Employment and Support Allowance as well as his housing benefit. This loss of benefit meant Andy had no income for six months so ran up rent arrears and it was only when he received an eviction notice that he approached his CAB for help.  Andy’s CAB helped him to make a new claim for ESA and also explained the situation to Andy’s Housing Officer and put forward a repayment proposal. The CAB also set up a telephone appointment for Andy to make a claim for Disability Living Allowance to help with the additional costs he has due to his disbaility. The CAB Adviser however was cut off by the DWP adviser meaning the CAB switched to making a paper claim for Andy.

It's people like Andy who are advised every day by their CAB, who can help navigate the benefit administrations process and help people get the benefits they are entitled to.

22 May 2013