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Scams Awareness Month 2017

Scams Awareness Month is an annual campaign bringing together organisations and consumers across the country to take a united stand against scams and fraud which affect millions of people each year. 

The 2017 campaign launched on the 4 July 2017 and ran until 31 July. 40 CAB offices took part by campaigning on social media, holding events in their community or distributing materials. Many bureau worked in partnership with local agencies, such as Trading Standards, making scams a priority and protecting those most at risk.

Scams aren’t a minor inconvenience: they cause distress and misery, and can ruin lives. Everyone who took part were helping to give people the awareness that will help them protect themselves and those in their families and communities who are less able to spot scams. Scams Awareness Month 2017 aims to create a confident community of consumers; people who get timely advice from trusted sources, people who report scams and share their experiences so that others can benefit.


The 2017 campaign focused on:

  • Tackling under-reporting and stigma
  • Targeting our messaging to four demographic groups.
  • This year’s campaign theme is ‘Play your part, act on scams’.

Four demographics:

  1. The 'life established' (45-60s) - week 1, beginning Monday 3 July

  2. Young people (aged 18-24) - week 2, beginning Monday 10 July.

  3. Socially isolated - week 3, beginning Monday 17 July.

  4. Over 70s - week 4, beginning Monday 24 July.

Campaign evaluation

You can read the campaign evaluation here: Scams Awareness Month 2017 - campaign evaluation