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Food on the Table campaign

Food on the Table is a national campaign, launching on Wednesday 19th September, that aims to give the Scottish public a voice on the affordability, choice and access to food. 

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Campaign mission statement

We should all be able to access healthy and nutritious food for ourselves and our family, without barriers.

Regardless of where you live, your disability status, your age or your employment status, you should have choice, variety and value when buying food. The ability to prepare and cook food in your home, in a dignified way, should be an option for all.

Maintaining a good quality, balanced diet should be easy, choosing from produce at affordable prices. You should not be forced to make unhealthy choices, because unhealthy is the only option. Where you live and your access to food, should not impact on your diet, your location should not equate to a sub-standard diet.

We have an appetite to change the difficulties you face when bringing food to the table.

The campaign 

Food on the Table campaign launches on Wednesday 19th September, in partnership with bureaux across Scotland. The first phase of the campaign will promote a national survey, both on and offline, which will ask the public’s opinion on food concerns:

  • What does food insecurity look like in Scotland?
  • Can Scottish citizens afford to eat healthy and nutritious food?
  • What are the barriers to the public accessing food?

Working alongside the Citizens Advice Bureaux network we aim to highlight the real issues that many citizens face on a daily basis on the affordability, choice and access to food.

The issue 

Food prices are rising at their fastest rate for more than four years, with ONS data showing that the price of food rose by 4.1% over the last year. Combined with stagnant wage growth, the rising cost of food is impacting on finances and well-being. The impact of rising food prices is likely to affect consumer groups and localities in differing ways.

The full scale of food insecurity in Scotland is unknown, but evidence from across the Citizens Advice Bureaux network demonstrates that it is a real problem for many Scottish citizens. Households are worrying about the ability to afford food, the limited choice of food, or feeding their family healthy food on a limited budget. This then leads to people borrowing money, using credit, receiving food bank vouchers as a way of obtaining food, or in many cases, limiting food intake completely.

How to get involved? 

There are a number of ways you can get involved in the Food on the Table campaign. From spreading the message on social media to engaging with local community groups, we have created a range of resources to activate your local campaign. 

Head to our campaign resource hub here to download offline engagement and digital campaign materials.